How can you save money
with solar power

To figure out how you can save money and the cost of solar panel systems to provide supplemental power to your home, it helps to perform an energy calculation or an assessment of how much power you'd like your solar panel system to generate for you each day. To do this we take a look at the wattage of each of the electrical items that you might run in your home on any given day - microwave, TV, light bulbs, vacuum, refrigerator, fans, A/C, computer, etc. and add it all together.

Solar Panels Convert Light Into Electricity. The main component of a Solar PV system is the panels themselves. The panels are made up of Photovoltaic Cells that convert sunlight into free electricity which is used to power your home and business.

Solar Panels for your house or business produce DC (Direct Current) electricity. This type of electricity is not suitable for electrical items in the property so an 'inverter' is required which converts the DC electricity into AC (Alternating Current), this can then be used to power any item in the property. The Solar (PV) system will produce polution free cost saving electricity during daylight hours, so you could therefore take advantage of this by running your TV, airconditioning a refridgerator; power hot water heaters; ; charge batteries and many more during this time.

Solar power can only provide power during daylight hours so you will still need to seek electricity from your energy provider for your evening use. Although, another methord available is to use self storage batteries. (Please go to 'Contact Us' for more details). During daylight hours your solar power system can produce more electricity than your property actually needs so the excess electricity is then connected and transported into your local electricty grid (during installation) which belongs to your electricty company. They will then either agree to pay you for this excess electricity or subtract it from your evening usage.

By producing your own electricity through the use of solar power instead of relying on the services and high cost of your local electricity company you are able to save money and reduce pollution as the electricity you are using through the day to power your TV, fridge, freezer etc is being generated and provided by the Sun and your solar panel system. Please contact us for further information and a free quote.

In addition to the cost benefits of solar usage, you also benefit from a cleaner environment (not to mention a cleaner conscience). In fact, the cost of not using solar power - increased pollution and depletion of natural resources and enviroment - is far greater than any up front cost of solar panel systems.

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