CCTV And Intruder Alarm systems

Why Get CCTV?

Having a CCTV cameras are essential as a general deterrent against theft, violence and vandalism to your property, staff or customers. CCTV can be used for home security, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance. When an incident has been captured on CCTV, it provides acceptable evidence for prosecution by the Police or support of an insurance claim.

At Ocean property developers we offer the best advice and guidance with the installation of basic to hi-tech security systems to meet all needs and requirements.

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Why get an Alarm System?

The value of having an intruder alarm speaks for itself. Burglary and vandalism rates are heavily reduced with the installation of alarm system. The Police say that most burglary incidents are opportunist in nature, committed against the weakest available target. Making precautions such as having a professionally installed alarm will aid in warning off thieves and intruders.

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Electric Gates

With the installation of a home security system why not improve your level of security with the addition of an electric gate. Many residential properties have gates on their driveway but more often than not these can be left open simply because it is a hassle to get out of their cars to open and close them. It goes without saying that an open gate is not a gate! Installing electric gates solves this problem, by making it as easy as a touch of a button to open and close your gates.

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